FO-, S/N: 138806 PROFIMESS Vietnam

FO-, S/N: 138806 PROFIMESS Vietnam

Đại lý PROFIMESS Vietnam,FO-, S/N: 138806 PROFIMESS Vietnam,PROFIMESS Vietnam

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FO-, S/N: 138806 PROFIMESS Vietnam

FO-, S/N: 138806 PROFIMESS Vietnam


An optical sensor is mouted in a robust stainless steel housing.It consist of a quarzt glass tip which contains an infrared diode, as a transmitter, and a light- sensitive semi-conductor as the receiver.If no fluid moisture touches of the sensor tip,the infrared light will be fully reflected by the quarzt galss.However,as soon as it dips into the medium a large portion of the transmitted light can pass into the fluid.Registerring this,the receiver initiates a switching operation at the device’s PNP transistor output which is then directly displayed by a green LED


The fied of applications for the optoelectronic  level swtich is the dectec-tion of limit values in a number of fluid.The main advantage is that the method of measurement is to a large extent independent of physical parameter like refractive index, clour, density, dielectric constant space; consequently,measurments in very small volumes becomes conveni-ent.It can be mounted anywhere and the range of high pressure and temperature assure a broad spectrum of applications

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FO-, S/N: 138806


FO-, S/N: 138805



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