SOT-NP1601H Toyo Vietnam

SOT-NP1601H Toyo Vietnam

Đại lý Toyo Vietnam,SOT-NP1601H Toyo Vietnam, Toyo Vietnam

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SOT-NP1601H Toyo Vietnam

Model No. Descriptions

Sample System Configuration







Optical axis direction





Rated voltage

DC24V 10% or less ripple

Operating voltage

DC18 – 30V Ripple

Current consumption

100mA MAX

Transfer distance

0 to 1m (with light intensity control knob set to MAX)

0 to 3m (with light intensity control knob set to MAX)

Emitting derection

30 degrees or more (at 1m distance)

5 degrees or more (at 3m distance)

No. of transfer bits

16 input bits and 16 output bits

Transfer method

Semi-dual bi-directional or uni-directional

Detection method

Continuous monitoring of bit status changes

Transfer time

20ms max. (in M/S mode) or 30ms max. (in X mode)

Sender element

Near infrared light emitting diode

Receiver element


Modulation method

Pulse width modulation

Input date points

16 points

Input style : Photo-coupler insulation (sink input)
Input signal : Contact or open collector
Input voltage : 10 to 30 VDC (as measured between EXT+V and IN wires)
Input current : 4±0.5mA (at 24 VDC) Residual voltage should be 2V or less with input current on and leaked current should bi 0.5mA or less with input current off. See 7-1 “Input circuit”.

Input date points

16 points

Output style : Open collector output with non-insulated NPN transistor (sink output)
Applied voltage : 4.5 to 30 VDC
Applied current : 100mA/output max. Residual voltage should be 1.5V or less with output current on and total applied current should be 500mA or less. See 7-2 “Output circuit”.


POW: Lights up (red) when power is on
CTL/TCD: Lights up (red) when CTL input is on/lighted (green) when TCD input is on
DT/RCV: Lights up (red) during successful data reception/lighted (green) during stable optical reception
IN: Lights up (red) when data input is on
OUT: Lights up (green) when data output is on


With attached 1-m cable (standard)
18C × 0.14mm2 (AWG26) 26C × 0.14mm2 (AWG26)

Ambient operating temperature

-20 – +50°C No freezing temperatures allowed.

Ambient operating humidity

40 – 85% RH No condensation allowed.

Ambient operating illumination

4,000lx or less for incandescent and fluorescent lamps
No externally disturbed light shall directly enter the receiver.

Vibration resistance

10 to 55Hz in frequency, 1.5mm in complex amplitude and 5minutes for sweep
20 cycles in each of X, Y and Z directions

Shock resistance

500m/s2, 20 cycles in each of X, Y and Z directions

Enclosure rating


Outside dimensions

90mm (W) × 90mm (D) × 20mm (H)

Model: SOT-NP1601H


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